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Mexican Dessert Recipes

Mexican dessert dishes are normally very rich flavored with delectable taste and exceptional appearance. If you are yet deprived of Mexican dessert preparations then you are certainly missing out a little. It is pretty hard to select the dessert preparations from the endless list and all are similarly wonderful. 

Among the topmost three Mexican dessert preparations, flan is always near or at the first place in the list. Flan is to some extent akin to crme caramel and it’s custard is made with condensed milk, eggs, vanilla extract, sugar and few other delicious ingredients. Some essence like cinnamon, orange and chocolate may be used to provide variations to the time-tested recipe of flan and also make it the most loved dish of Mexican cuisine.

Churros – Scrumptious and Easy Deep Fried Mexican Dessert

Churros is another mouth watering recipe for Mexican desserts. This fantastic sweet dish is made with eggs, butter and flour. Churros are normally deep fried and served as a sizzling hot dessert. Churros can either be dipped in coffee or hot chocolate drink as a breakfast recipe or savored as a snack whenever you need a dose of power.

There are countless recipes for Mexican cookies and cake however churros are classic and accessible simply on Mexican streets especially in the morning as a delectable breakfast cookie for active Mexicans on their route to work.

The actual and typical recipe of churros has not modified at all. If you are calorie conscious then churros might not be your preference for the healthy breakfast but if simply taste is your interest then this delicious recipe may provide you immense pleasure.

Sweet Variation of Savory Mexican Dishes

Not surprisingly enchiladas offer the authentic Mexican flavor but have you ever eaten the sweet enchiladas? Sweet enchiladas can be prepared by stuffing the tortillas with fruit pie contents, a sauce can also be made by cooking sugar and butter with small quantity of water. Bake the tortillas with the sauce poured on the top until they are warm and crunchy. The sweet empanadas can also be made with fruit flavors as well as with chocolate to please your sweet tooth. Lots of people might include flan, churros and dessert enchiladas to be on the top of their list of Mexican dessert recipes but certainly you might have your individual favorites.

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