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Why Women Are Addicted to Chocolate

The love affair between women and chocolate has gone on since its invention. No gift is appreciated more by women - children, teens, and adults - than chocolate. No matter its form - candy bars, covering nuts or fruits, ice cream, or some decadent bakery confection - women LOVE chocolate. But why? What is it about chocolate that causes a woman to drool with desire? And why don't men react the same way? Statistics show most men prefer a burger or a hearty barbecue over a cocoa-inspired treat. Let's face it, how often have you heard a guy say, "Dude, I am seriously craving some chocolate"? It just doesn't happen, right? A recent survey even suggests that many women prefer eating chocolate to having sex. Wow, talk about gender differences! Is taste the only reason women pursue chocolate with such passion while men don't?

Monell Chemical Senses Center reports that, according to sensory psychologists, women are, in general, predisposed to crave sweets. Genetics plays a vital role in this, as women's tongues are more sensitive to bitter tastes. Therefore, the sweetness of chocolate is a very pleasant surprise and even can become addictive. This is also evident in women's choices of alcoholic beverages. They're more apt to choose a sweet, fruity drink that masks the bitterness of the alcohol.

Another explanation for the disparity between the sexes in desiring chocolate points to evolution. Because men are genetically hard-wired to preserve the species by keeping fit, building muscle tone, and eating balanced diets, and because chocolate contains little to no nutritional value, it simply doesn't fall on men's radar as an option. A man will choose meat over sweets, including chocolate, any day.

As to why women might prefer chocolate to sex, it's all in the chemistry. Eating chocolate releases endorphins, feel-good mood enhancers that are produced by the pituitary gland. These are the very same chemicals released by the brain after orgasm. So why choose chocolate over sex? A woman gets the same great feeling without any of the relational issues, and she doesn't have to work nearly as hard!

Have you ever heard a stressed-out woman cry, "I need chocolate!"? There's more than just habit going on when that craving hits. Because of the chemical component, women indulge in chocolate when they're depressed, frustrated, confused, angry... any emotion that brings the need for comfort. On the other hand, a happy occasion often finds chocolate at the center, too. Women cry with chocolate, and women celebrate with chocolate. No matter the reason - or lack thereof - women can, and will, find any excuse to indulge in their favorite treat. They always have, and they always will. Whether because it tastes so good to them, makes them feel better, or brings back memories of good times shared with good friends, chocolate will always be one of girls' best friends.

So come Valentine's Day, Christmas, birthdays, and anniversaries, you can never go wrong giving a woman chocolate as a gift. It says "I love you," "I'm sorry," "Thank you," and just about anything else a woman wants to hear. So give her sweet tooth a treat and her brain and heart a boost with the gift of chocolate.

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