Sabtu, 05 Maret 2011

Secrets to a Perfect Fried Chicken

A basket or a bucket of fried chicken is ideal for picnics and kiddie parties. It tastes good and so easy to eat with your hands, so using utensils is just an option. We are fond of buying a bunch at our favorite fast food stores and we often wonder how these pieces become so crunchy. We have tried a few attempts in the kitchen but to no avail. It still comes out so different from the ones we often buy. So how do they really do this?
There are a thousand and one ways to cook fried chicken, which features different ways of preparing it. The chicken recipes itself vary from the batter used, to the ingredients added, to the cooking time and to the cooking method applied. Some recipes would tell you to double-coat the chicken, or removing the skin before battering. Other recipes will use butter, bacon grease or oil to fry it. Numerous variations are made to improve the taste but the basics of frying a chicken are just simple: chickens are cut up in preferred sizes, rolling in it flour, putting it in a skillet with oil and fried until golden brown.
But there are a few tips in order to get that ideal crunch and taste. The key to making the chicken so tender is to marinate it overnight with buttermilk. The milk will tenderize the meat and at the same time brings out a rich, and a little tangy flavor. You can shake the excess milk before flouring the chicken. For a little kick, you can add in a few drops of Tabasco sauce if you prefer. Using a seasoned cast iron skillet can make a difference. Yes, you can also use the ordinary deep pans for frying but trying it out with this skillet will let you tell the difference. One more important tip is to not add in MSG or other flavor enhancers. The chicken can definitely still taste good without this.
With all these easy tricks, you are now ready to serve your crunchy fried chicken! Serving it with mashed potatoes and gravy is a great choice, or corn-on-the-cob with dinner rolls is as inviting.

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