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Excellent Tips on How to Cook Shrimp

Shrimp is one of the greatest food that God created. It tastes fabulous but you have to cook it right. Shrimps are member of the crustaceans and are very abundant wherever you go around the world. If you are familiar with Tom Hank's movie called Forrest Gump, you'll agree with me.
Before going to the whole process of properly cooking shrimp, let get one confusion out of the way. Shift and prawns are almost synonymous depending on where you are located. The main difference is that prawns are found in fresh water plus they differ significantly in size.
Here are some of the greatest tips from the greatest cooks on how to cook shrimps. There will no be actual cooking but just stating facts about them.
Firstly, since shrimp is a sea food, they are super high in iodine and protein content. They also have a high value of calcium. Before you plan to cook them, make sure that you know or familiar on how to clean them up.
There are some recipe that require them to be de-shell, removal of the tail, head and outer shell. This can easily be done by holding down the head and let the fingers shelves out the back shell and tail.
There are times though, just for personal preference, some people like to keep the tail of the shrimp for presentation purposes. If you ever seen those chef and cooking show, you probably saw some shrimp with their tails still intact.
There are a long list of how to cook them. Why is that? This is because besides having their own recipe, that is, they are the main course, they can also be used as additive to all sorts of food preparations. They can be added to salad or mixed fried rice and others.
Like I said, with all these great things about shrimp, they are indeed one of God's best creations for man's consumptions.

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