Senin, 07 Maret 2011

Are Chocolates Good For You?

According to a research conducted by Swiss researchers, chocolates especially dark chocolates can do wonders for your health. This is because of its antioxidant content. Incorporating dark bitter chocolates in your diet can help you reduce your risk of heart attack, strokes and lowers your blood pressure. These chocolates can prevent fat substances to be absorbed in the body and prevents your arteries from clogging. The chocolate which came from cocoa beans are rich in magnesium, known to have a very good effect on the heart.

This conclusion was made through the use of 20 volunteers with no health problems but are smokers. They were not allowed to eat other kinds of antioxidant rich foods like onion, apples and cabbage. They were only given varied kinds of chocolates. The echo-graph showed after two hours that the blood flow improved because of its 74% cocoa content. The risk has been lowered to half. While dark chocolates are doing wonders in your health, the white chocolates on the other hand had no same effects. Dark chocolates contain the largest amount of antioxidants with just a gram compared to other foods like green tea, red vine grapes and other forest fruits.

Chocolates are not good for those who eat these in large amounts. This might be a cause for future weight problems. But there is this chocolate that can help you loss weight if taken in moderation. This is the Xocai chocolate. It is a combination made from dark bitter chocolate and Acai berries. These two is a powerful combination of antioxidants. This is low in sugar and fat and is good for those people who want to loss weight but hate to deprive themselves from eating chocolates.

If you love chocolates, you should eat a certain amount of these in proportion to your actual weight and to the effort of releasing energy through exercise everyday. For those who are not fond of exercising or don't have time to exercise, you should eat chocolates in small amounts. Everything that is taken in moderation can do wonders in your health.

You also need chocolates especially to boost your energy and fight the cold weather. So you need to know the chocolates you're eating. You should know the content and the calorie count. Whatever is taken will manifest in your body and your health so, beware! Grab a bite and enjoy!

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