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4 Most Important Tips To Truly Enjoy Champagne

Champagne is French sparkling wine, the essence of luxury and celebration. You mark a special occasion by celebrating it with drinking champagne. So here are the 3 most important tips to truly enjoy Champagne, and make your special occasion truly memorable.

Tip 1 - Do plan for simple flavors.
Choosing the right kind of food to have with Champagne is important or else you won't be able to enjoy its intricate flavor.
The key to remember what foods NOT to include with Champagne is simple - no dish with heavy sauces, or pungent smells/taste.
And here's a list of foods you CAN include with Champagne:
  • Caviar
  • Strawberries
  • Oysters
  • Cheese
  • Sushi
  • Lobster
  • Duck
  • White Chocolate

Tip 2 - Don't mix flavors.
Avoid mixing different flavors of Champagne - stick with one per occasion. If you mix up flavors, you'll never get to experience the delicate taste of any particular Champagne.

Tip 3 - Do open the bottle with care.
Most people love to hear the 'pop' when opening Champagne. But if you do that, you're actually wasting the precious bubbles. After all, Champagne is sparkling wine - the soul of the Champagne is in those bubbles. So when it's your turn to open a bottle of Champagne, try to pull out the cork of the bottle slowly so that the cork releases slowly without wasting the bubbles.

Tip 4 - Don't shake the bottle before opening.
When you shake the bottle, the pressure inside builds up and there's no way you can avoid the spray of Champagne while opening it. After that spray, expect only a very little amount of Champagne left in the bottom of the bottle for you to enjoy. And that's a complete waste of the Champagne, and your money, isn't it?

Enjoy your bottle of Champagne on a special occasion with these 4 most important tips to truly enjoy Champagne.

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