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The Top Five Small Appliances Every Kitchen Should Have


General Electric introduced the first electric toaster for home use in 1909. Wonder Bread began selling pre-sliced bread in 1930, and America's love affair with toast was inevitable. It is quick and easy and there is no reason any modern kitchen should be without a toaster.

Spice Grinder

Spices are a great addition to any diet. They add taste and antioxidants with little or no fat and calories. A spice is at the height of flavor and nutrition immediately after being ground yet many cooks choose pre-ground spices for convenience. These spices are ground at a factory before being shipped to your local store where they may sit in the storerooms and on the shelves for months. Add in the considerable amount of time spices will be in your pantry and you are looking at a year or more between grinding and use.

There is a better way. Most spices are available in whole form. They keep longer and usually cost less, especially if you buy in bulk. There are several different spice grinders on the market today but a $10 coffee grinder works well. You'll find your cooking is vastly improved when you switch to freshly ground spices.


This handy appliance is great for blending homemade soups and chopping ice. It excels at making smoothies and creating delicious frozen beverages. You'll be able to make frozen lattes or margaritas at home with ease.

Stand Mixer

This is the best tool for making batters for cakes, muffins, waffles, pancakes and cookies. It is ideal for whipping fresh cream. You can produce fluffy egg whites perfect for mousse, meringues, or souffles.

A hand mixer would be suitable for the aforementioned tasks. What sets the stand mixer apart is the ability to upgrade. The available attachments include pasta rollers, ice cream makers, meat grinders and juice extractors making this the better choice.

Food Processor

I have saved the most useful for last. A food processor is an essential appliance for any home cook. It can cut your food prep time by half or more. It makes it quick and easy to prepare food from scratch, which can save you money.

A good food processor will slice, shred and grate most anything. It will emulsify homemade salad dressings or mayonnaise with ease. It will do all the hard work when making pastry, bread or pasta dough, eliminating the tedious labor normally associated with those tasks. It is truly a necessity for anyone wanting to prepare food in their kitchen, rather than just re-heating pre-made processed foods.

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