Rabu, 16 Maret 2011

Tomato Presses Make Making Homemade Pasta Sauce Easier

A tomato press is a relative small kitchen gadget which crushes and strains tomatoes (and other seeded fruits) to separate the skin and seeds from the more desirable pulp and juice. They may be hand cranked or electrically powered but in either type the general process is the same. You feed tomatoes in through the hopper at the top, and they are drawn into the grinding mechanism and pushed through a strainer.The good pulp and juice comes out of one side of the machine and is collected in a small bowl, whilst the otherwise useless seeds and skin is deposited out of another for discarding.

Tomato presses are particularly desirable for the home chef who has a lot of tomatoes to process all at once. At the end of the growing season, for example,. you can be left with a lot of fruit from your tomato plants and that's when many of us turn to making pasta sauce or soups and stews with a tomato base. These kinds of recipes ask for the skin to be removed and for the tomato to be seeded before being used. The manual way of doing this is a very time consuming task involving boiling water, sharp knives and a lot of mess. If you have to work through many pounds of tomatoes this can mean hours of hard labor in the kitchen.

That's where the tomato press shines and will quickly become your new favorite kitchen tool. Removing the skin and seeds from a tomato is simply a matter of dropping it to the hopper, turning the handle and gathering the pulp and juices as they are pumped out of the machine. A task which took hours, now takes a fraction of that time.

The time benefits of a tomato press are clear, but the health benefits are even better. Making your own pasta sauces and cooking from home means you can avoid some of the garbage the food industry puts into our canned and processed foods cutting out artificial coloring, preservatives and those other random ingredients they love putting into everything. Home made sauces are as natural as you can make them and are guaranteed to be healthier for you - plus you get to make them exactly how you like them to taste.

If you grow your own tomatoes then you will probably save money in the long term too. Making your own food is invariably cheaper than buying store bought products and if you grow your own tomatoes, then a tomato press makes making pasta sauce from scratch a breeze and a money saver too.

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