Sabtu, 12 Maret 2011

Enjoy Delicious Recipes With Crockpot Slow Cooker

A Crockpot or a Slow Cooker is designed to cook food for longer periods at temperatures close to boiling point or below. These crockpots basically use a moist heat cooking method of cooking the food while you are working, sleeping or playing. These cooking appliances are popular amongst people who want to enjoy a slow cooked meal and put it before leaving for work then come home to a delicious slow cooked treat many hours later. A crockpot slow cooker is also a gift for busy parents who can't spare time for cooking and are busy in other household jobs. Even though there's nobody to watch while food is being cooked in a crockpot, these are considered safe slow cooking gadgets as these can function unsupervised for a long period of atleast 8 to 9 hours. With crockpot meals one will slowly but surely enjoy the benefit of taste bud-satisfying serving of food.

One gets us rid from the hassle of getting trapped in the kitchen and performing varied cooking functions like adjusting heat, stirring soup with ladles, standing in front of the oven watching and waiting until it simmers and boils or go running back and forth switching from the pot holder to the vacuum cleaner keeping track of how the meat was cooking because the last thing you need after a time-consuming recipe is your children screaming out on your burnt stew. These slow cooking appliances can vary in size from one to six quarts and usually have recipes that exactly match the cooking conditions of the appliance. These slow cooking crockpots are best to cook cheap tough cuts of meats, delicate meats such as rabbit, stews and dishes like chilli con carne work well. The controlled lower temperature of these exceptional cooking gadgets can bring out their best in these meats and other different types of crockpot recipes.

Depending on size and varied features and exclusive applications these crockpot are available in different price points that start from 20 dollars to 200 dollars or even more. There are various brands like Cuisinart, KitchenAid, DeLonghi, Breville, Haden, Euro Pro etc that have features depending upon their price. While selecting these cooking appliances its important that one identifies their cooking needs as these come in different types as well. There are manual crockpots with slow cooking process which generally have two or three heat settings.

These manual ones are fully removable units with glass lids and dishwasher safe. The other type is the programmable slow cookers which offer the users one touch control facilities and multiple time and temperature settings. This particular type will also be completely dishwasher safe. There are slow cooking devices available in the market that have cook and carry functions as well. These types are great for cooking meals on the go and have lockable glass lids for overall safety. These come with heat resistant handles, carrying travel bags and other easy to use accessories.

So why not add spice or rather spices in your life with the crockpot slow cookers especially at times when you come home all tired and do not have strength to cook meals for yourself and your dear ones. So get a model for yourself as soon as possible and you also have tips, tricks and necessary advise to buy one just right here.

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