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Apple Varieties

Apples are a healthy treat that has been enjoyed for centuries. Not only are they nutritious, but they also taste scrumptious. Apples can be eaten raw or used in many delectable dishes like Waldorf salad, apple pie or apple crisp. There are literally hundreds of varieties of apples to choose from, and selecting the right one depends entirely on the use.

Red Delicious apples are one of the most widely eaten fruits in America, second only to bananas. They are sweet and juicy, making them the perfect choice for eating fresh, using in a salad, or juicing. Although they can be used in baking, they are generally not the best choice.

Golden Delicious apples are a wonderful pick for eating fresh or using in salads and baking. They are also great for making apple butter or applesauce. Light green Golden Delicious apples are less mature and have a tart flavor, while clear yellow skin indicates a more mature fruit that will produce a sweeter flavor. Other varieties that are suitable for baking with are Fuji and Granny Smith. Fuji apples have firm red skin and are juicy and sweet. Granny Smith apples have green skin and have moderately sweet, crisp flesh that holds up well when cooked.

The diverse Cortland is crisp and tart and perfect for use in pies, sauces and salads. McIntosh apples are slightly smaller than Cortlands with a pinkish-white flesh. They have red skin and a juicy, sweet flesh that is perfect for applesauce. Other great choices for sauce are Jonathans, which have a tart, crisp, juicy flesh, and Braeburns which offer a tart yet sweet flavor.

Gala apples have a beautiful yellow-orange skin with red stripes that resembles a peach. They are juicy and crisp with a mild sweet flavor, making them the perfect choice for drying or for making cider. Another cider apple is the thick-skinned, mildly tart Rome Beauty, which also works well for baking.

Although some apples are more appropriate for certain uses, all varieties can be eaten fresh. When eating whole apples or using them in apple salads, make sure they are free of dark or soft spots. Skin that wrinkles when a finger is rubbed over it is an indication that the fruit has been stored too long or not been kept cool enough. Apples should be washed thoroughly before cutting. After cutting, the pieces can be dipped in a citrus and water solution to prevent the flesh from browning. Apples make a terrific snack and lend a wonderful flavor to many recipes.

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